logo-fbHi All,
Thanks for signing up for the 12 Month Challenge.
There are now 17 Photographers who have taken up the challenge (I have listed everyone taking part below so we can share ideas and tips…)
Basic Rules:
Each month you’ll need to supply 4 images meeting the requirements of the subjects set. As the 12 months progress the challenges get gradually harder to push your creative and technical skills.
The 4 images will fit into the following categories:
  1. A Portrait,
  2. A Landscape,
  3. A Creative Image and
  4. An image displaying a Technical Skill.
Images Subjects:
The first set of four images will be released on Tuesday 1st of November.
I will do my best to email you all with the subjects on (or as close to) the 1st of the month each month throughout the challenge. I will also release the subjects via the club Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cirencestercameraclub You don’t need a Facebook account to see the page but I can set it up to post automatically – that way if I’m unable to email you the subjects they will still be available to view on the 1st of each month…
Image Submission:
Images will need to be emailed to the club email address (events@cirencestercameraclub.org.uk) no later than the 5th of the following month e.g. November’s images should be with me by 5th December (Russell, Nick & Alice you have until Mon 12th December).
Please email images as per the club competition size and title them as follows:
  • Member name_Month_Subject_Image title
  • e.g. Kevin Joynes-Creed_November_Portrait_Joe Bloggs in a Tutu or Kevin Joynes-Creed_November_Creative_A Stunning Image etc.
Once received images will be added to the club website so we can all see each others progress as we move through the year.
Photographers participating:
  1. Alice Taylor
  2. Brian Dinnage
  3. Carlo Vuolo
  4. Carol Thorne
  5. Gordon Hart
  6. Jan Sparrow
  7. John Hankin
  8. John Jones
  9. John Spreadbury
  10. Kevin Joynes-Creed
  11. Nicholas Taylor
  12. Patrick Barker
  13. Peggy Howard
  14. Richard Sudbury
  15. Russell Discombe
  16. Serena Montgomery
  17. Shaun Little

If your name is not on this list and you are expecting it to be please email me as soon as possible.



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