Dave Cahill

Bio: First SLR was a Fujica ST605,  in the 1970s. I used to do my own B&W developing and printing but sold my processing kit and enlarger to buy my first computer. I carried on taking photos with various SLRs, including Pentax and Canons. Photography became my main hobby again with the introduction of digital SLRs. 
Equipment: Canon EOS 760D, Fufifilm X100F, Panasonic Lumix TZ70, Samsung A50
Interests: I like all aspects of photography, especially the story behind the image, and something a bit ‘creative/different’. I lack patience so try to ‘capture the moment’. I love editing (I use Photoshop Elements, with the Nik Collection plug ins, and Snapseed for occasional mobile phone images). I often can only get the image I had in mind by considerable editing! I am somewhat addicted to the on line photo journal blipfoto and try to post a photo every day. 
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