John Jones

Bio Apart from snaps on holidays and at social events, my interest in photography started seriously when I took my first digital images in 2004. One of my sons then gave me his ‘old’ Nikon E5000 and a couple of lenses and I was away. I completed an excellent free Photoshop course in my village hall in Northumberland in 2005 but, sadly, let it lapse in favour of Picasa and now I’m trying to learn Lightroom/Photoshop all over again. I was persuaded to switch to Canon when I joined my first club in 2010.

Equipment  Canon EOS 77D with 18-135 lens, Canon 55-250 telephoto lens, Canon nifty 50 lens, Sigma 105 macro lens, iPhone 7, Sony HX 400V Compact with 50 x optical zoom

Interests  Architecture, farming activities, flora, landscapes, people and sport

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