logo-fbUnlike most photography challenges which are just a simple list of ideas or subjects, this 12 month challenge is designed to push your photography to the next level.

This project is going to be far more challenging to complete than a simple 52 week photography subject list – but stick with it to the end and we can guarantee you will be a better photographer for it.



  • Each month we will challenge you to take 4 images.
  • Each image will fit into one of the following categories:
    • A Portrait – Each monthly challenge will require a different style of portrait photography. From a selfie to a shot of a stranger in the street these images should make you consider your subject and the story they tell.
    • A Landscape – Traditionally a landscape image is a wide open sweeping vista of natural beauty. Within these images we will challenge you to look at the environment around you in a different way and look for the images that most photographers would miss.
    • Creative Interpretation – Can you take the mundane and make it amazing…? This category will give you the chance to show your artistic ability. The subjects are vague and the potential is huge. Try and do something different and make the viewer engage with and think about your image.
    • Technical & Compositional Understanding – Do you really understand how the camera works and how you can use it to manipulate the final image. These challenges will each focus on a different technical or compositional skill and ensure you know how to achieve the best image possible with the kit you have at your disposal.
  • Your image brief will be published on the first of each month allowing you to research, plan, take and submit your images within that calendar month.
  • By the end of the challenge you should have developed a range of new skills and be in possession of an impressive portfolio of 48 images.

All we ask is you don’t dip into your back catalogue. This challenge is designed to get you taking new photographs and investing in new skills here and now…

To complete the challenge you’ll need to submit your images no later than the 5th of the month following the challenge. Once all images have been received they will be placed into a gallery on the club website and Facebook page where other members can view and comment on them.

We are looking at starting this challenge on 1st November so if you want to take part email us at events@cirencestercameraclub.org.uk as soon as possible to register your interest…

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