Apologies for the late posting but please find below the images submitted for March’s 12 Month Challenge.

The subjects were:

  • Portrait – Candid. Take a portrait of someone without them knowing, catch them in the act or enjoying a quiet reflective moment. Either way you’re looking for a natural and relaxed image.
  • Landscape – Urbanscape. While most landscapes are open spaces of natural beauty there are plenty of opportunities within the Urban environment. For this image capture the beauty of the urban/city landscape.
  • Creative – Water. Drips, drops, splashes, lakes, rivers, oceans or rain whatever floats your boat. Show us what you can do with the elixir of life.
  • Technical – Backlit. Shooting against the sun can be tricky. Use this challenge to create a backlit image which avoids throwing your subject into full silhouette. You may find a reflector a handy tool for this…
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