2019-2020 Annual Competition Results


Cavendish Cup – Black and white print (DPI for this season)
WilsonPetrels C Paul Jones
Callanish Standing Stones HC Val Thomas
Alien Mannequins Invade HC Martyn Smith
Victorian T L C 3rd John Hankin
White Heat 2nd Jill Bewley
Empty seats 1st Alun Thomas

Dennis Moss Trophy – Open print (DPI for this season)
Bee C Peggy Howard
Digging for Bait HC Val Thomas
BalancingAct HC Jill Bewley
American Red Squirrel HC David Wallis
Way Out Of Southwark Station 3rd Patrick Barker
Concentration 2nd John Hankin
coupled 1st Stephen Chapman

Gladiator Trophy – Aviation DPI
Avro Lancaster Cockpit 3rd John Hankin
Returning Home 2nd Patrick Barker
Eyes of the Tornado 1st Sue Gunnee

Leonard Jones Cup – Open DPI
The Lookout C Patrick Barker
Red Kite C John Hankin
Salisbury Cathedral HC Rob Gorthy
Into The Mist HC David Cahill
Coffee tower 3rd John Smith
GhostlyGalleon 2nd Jill Bewley
Leaves 1st Chris Donohoe

Miles Shield – Open – Club outing DPI
surface tension C Stephen Chapman
Sharing a Laugh C Chris Donohoe
Portrait of Peggy HC Carol Thorne
The EE Girl  HC David Cahill
On Reflection 3rd John Hankin
The Wedding Photographer 2nd John Smith
Stub it out Luv 1st Martyn Smith

Pitchers Trophy – “Water in the Cotswolds” DPI
The Coln at Bibury C Mike Cheesman
Blenheim Palace HC Peggy Howard
Water Park sunset reflections HC Martyn Smith
Eastington Swans 3rd David Cahill
A COTSWOLD PUDDLE 2nd Colin Hoskins
Morning mists 1st Jill Bewley
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