2020-21 Annual Competition results

Results for the 2020-21 Annual Competition…


Pitchers Trophy – An Iconic Cotswold Location

Title Judges score Photographer
Snow on the Row COMMENDED Mike Cheeseman
Cirencester Park COMMENDED David Wallis
St Martins Eastleach HIGHLY COMMENDED John Crew
Arlington Row THIRD PLACE Chris Donohoe
Broadway Tower SECOND PLACE Sue Gunnee
Night Light FIRST PLACE John Smith

Dennis Moss Trophy – Open

Title Judges score Photographer
Common Blue On Lavender COMMENDED David Cahill
Sunset sail COMMENDED Martyn Smith
Woodland Run COMMENDED John Crew
Purple Haze HIGHLY COMMENDED John Smith
Pears HIGHLY COMMENDED Mike Cheeseman
SeekingTheLight THIRD PLACE Paul Jones
Blue eyes SECOND PLACE Jill Bewley
Banana Splash FIRST PLACE John Spreadbury

Leonard Jones – Open

Title Judges score Photographer
Ice crystals COMMENDED Alun Thomas
Water Tower COMMENDED Chris Donohoe
The Three Amigos HIGHLY COMMENDED John Smith
Party time HIGHLY COMMENDED Jill Bewley
Spirit of Capitalism THIRD PLACE Mike Cheeseman
Ghostly Express SECOND PLACE David Wallis
Thai Red Backed Sea Eagle FIRST PLACE Martyn Smith

Cavendish – Monochrome

Title Judges score Photographer
Locked Down COMMENDED Martyn Smith
Bringing Up Baby COMMENDED David Cahill
Looking out to sea HIGHLY COMMENDED Jill Bewley
Beached & Forgotten HIGHLY COMMENDED Steve Knight
Gloucester Cathedral Cloister THIRD PLACE Alistair Gorthy
Frozen SECOND PLACE John Crew
Moving Music FIRST PLACE Mike Cheeseman

Miles Shield – Club outing

Title Judges score Photographer
Waterpark Sunset COMMENDED Paytrick Barker
Four Pillars Hotel HIGHLY COMMENDED David Wallis
Reed pattern THIRD PLACE Alun Thomas
Reed silhouettes SECOND PLACE Val Thomas
Water Park Sunset FIRST PLACE Paul Jones

Gladiator – Aviation

Title Judges score Photographer
Jumbos Graveyard COMMENDED Chris Donohoe
RAF WWW2 Planes HIGHLY COMMENDED John Spreadbury
Moon adventure THIRD PLACE Jamie Stenson
Once upon a Wing FIRST PLACE Patrick Barker

Pitchers Cup – New members

Title Judges score Photographer
Poppy at sunrise THIRD PLACE Jill Bewley
Chengdu actress SECOND PLACE Alistair Gorthy
Warthog and friends FIRST PLACE Ruth Herbert
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