B&W club night

Image copyright Matt Emmett

Club Night

An introduction to Black and White Photography

Following on from various discussions amongst the members, it was suggested that an evening solely dedicated to understanding more about the art of Black and White Photography would be useful, so a programme of various presentations was devised by Martyn Smith, Programme Sec.

The individual presentations last about 10-15 minutes each, and can be seen by clicking on the links below. The videos provide very brief snapshots of a huge and quite complex subject, but we hope you may find something of interest and use within them!

Introduction to Black and White Photography  (Jill Bewley)

Lightroom demo to show how to create a simple B & W image (Martyn Smith)

Lightroom demo showing what tools are out there to create a B & W image (Syd Mathews)

A look at Photoshop to show what tools can be used to achieve a B & W image (Mike Cheeeseman)

A look at Presets and Plug-ins (e.g. Silver efex pro) to show what can be achieved to enhance a B & W image (Shaun Little )

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