Ready for Blowing Nigel Rogers

Last night, we were pleased to welcome Rob Heslop LRPS from the Forest of Dean to judge the first competition of the season, Comp A ( Set Subject Glass and Open). A huge thank you to Rob for putting in so much time to look at and comment on all 90 images – a big ask and something Rob tackled head on, with precise timing! Also 20 different members picked up awards, including 2 new members, well done to everyone. The results are set out below and shortly all images will be displayed on the Competition Gallery page.

(Images shown is Ready for Blowing – Nigel Rogers)

First Ready for Blowing Nigel Rogers
Second The Three Graces Dave Cahill
Third Victorian View Andy Dipper
Highly Commended Glass lit by Fibre Optic Glass Mike Cheeseman
Highly Commended Reflective Panes Paul Norris
Highly Commended The Glass Ceiling Lawrence Wilcock
Commended A Glass of Fizz Jill Bewley
Commended A Glimpse through the Glazing Martyn Smith
Commended A Drinking Glass in the Spotlight Colin Hoskins
First Dawn Walk Andrew Roca
Second Time for change Andy Kennedy
Third I’ll Wait for the Next One Ruth Barker
Highly Commended Having a scratch Gary Gleghorn
Highly Commended St Pauls Dome Looking Up John Spreadbury
Highly Commended The sky Swinger Colin Hoskins
Commended Autumn Leaves John Crew
Commended Captive audience Jill Bewley
Commended Hot on the Wheels Mike Cheeseman
Commended Stow Doorway Patrick Barker
First Glass Tentacles Dave Cahill
Second Glass Cubism Mike Cheeseman
Third A Peek into Port Isaac Martyn Smith
Highly Commended The Chemists Shop Gary Gleghorn
Highly Commended The Upside Down Ruth Barker
Commended Sculptured Swirls Carl Thorne
Commended Working from Home Fin Simpson
First Private Eye Gary Gleghorn
Second The Tourists Ruth Barker
Third Equine Energy Mike Cheeseman
Highly Commended Bygone Brewery Martyn Smith
Highly Commended On the Ball John Hankin
Highly Commended Specimen Bloom John Crew
Commended Backed the wrong horse Jill Bewley
Commended Bluebells at Badbury Clump Carol Thorne
Commended Leaf Skeleton with flowers Peggy Howard


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