Last night, we were delighted to welcome Michael Krier, a very experienced and distinguished MCPF judge who came to give us his critique on our first Competition of the new season. It was a special evening for two reasons – it was Michael’s last judging evening before he retired, plus a record number of images had been submitted, with a large increase in the number of prints – in total 101 images were examined, commented on and judged – the results are as follows:


SET PRINT (18)      
FIRST Faded Beauty Carol Thorne  
SECOND Bluebell Woods Jill Bewley  
THIRD Queeensferry Crossing Ruth Barker  
HC Turquoise Translucence Val Thomas  
HC Water Droplets Steve Kirby  
C Red Feather Droplets Patrick Barker  
C Blue Ripples Alun Thomas  
C Fluid Blue Mike Cheeseman  
C Purple Love Vikki O’Keeffe  
C Tree Shock Paul Norris  
OPEN PRINT (21)      
FIRST Pretty Flamingo Fin Simpson  
SECOND Ballet Dancers Mike Cheeseman  
THIRD Centre Point Ruth Barker  
HC Shades of Speed Liz Gillham  
HC Behind Bars Jill Bewley  
C Iceberg variation Paul Jones  
C Red flag at West Bay Dave Cahill  
SET DPI (33)      
FIRST Moss Rockets Dave Cahill  
SECOND Warped Bob Berry  
THIRD Angles Peggy Howard  
HC Motoring nightmare David Wallis  
HC Linear living Daphne Neale  
C Cubism Mike Cheeseman  
C Vein Glorious Jill Bewley  
C Surfer Sue Gunnee  
C Oily Water Val Thomas  
C Purple Rain Fin Simpson  
C Pom poms Chris Donohoe  
OPEN DPI (29)      
FIRST Catching the light Jill Bewley  
SECOND Clean Lines Alun Thomas  
THIRD Martha Liz Gillham  
HC Munich Surfers Dave Cahill  
HC Dark Clouds Bob Berry  
C The Hare of the Lawn Patrick Barker  
C Up and Over Tricia Lindsay  
C Young Photographer Peggy Howard  
C Splendid Isolation Rob Gorthy  


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