On Monday 25th October, we were delighted to welcome Martin Fry from Cheltenham as our first judge for the new season’s competitions. Martin is an extremely accomplished photographer along with being an experienced judge, both nationally and internationally, so we were treated to a huge raft of detailed and extremely useful comments on our submitted images.

Well done to everyone !

CCC Comp A ‘Water’ results 

Set Print
1st                                Patrick Barker
2nd                               John Crew
3rd                                Jill Bewley
Highly Commended    Martyn Smith
Commended               John Smith
Commended               Paul Jones

Open Print
1st                                Paul Jones
2nd                               Jill Bewley
3rd                                John Smith
Highly Commended    Vikki O’Keeffe
Commended               Val Thomas
Commended               Patrick Barker

1st                                Jill Bewley
2nd                               Paul Jones
3rd                                Stephen Chapman
Highly Commended    David Wallis
Highly Commended    Sue Gunnee
Commended               Dave Cahill
Commended               Carol Thorne
Commended               Martyn Smith

Open DPI
1st                                Martyn Smith
2nd                               Ruth Barker
3rd                                Carol Thorne
Highly Commended    John Spreadbury
Highly Commended    Jill Bewley
Commended               Vicki O’Keeffe
Commended               Sue Gunnee


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