On Monday 5th December, experienced local judge Terry Walters from nearby Swindon Photographic Society gave an extremely thorough and fair critique of over 100 images submitted by members into Competition B with the Set theme being Reflections. To see all the images go to the Competition Galleries or click on the link Competition B Results

The results are as follows:




FIRST              Time for reflection                  David Wallis

SECOND         Darlington Wharf Bath           Stephen Chapman

THIRD            Put a Tiger in your puddle      Ruth Barker

HC                    Norton Dominator                  Dave Cahill

HC                    Reflections                              Fin Simpson

C                       Avocet                                     Chris Oldershaw

C                       Call Box Ride                           John Smith

C                       Midwinter Dawn                     Val Thomas



FIRST             Whoosh                                  Chris Donohoe

SECOND        Little and Large                       Dave Cahill

THIRD            Kokopelli                                 Steve Kirby

HC                   Saint Davids Cathedral            Rob Gorthy

HC                   Deep in thought                      Jill Bewley

C                      Millennium                             Ruth Barker

C                      Polo Impression                      John Hankin

C                      Towers of Paine                      Paul Jones


SET DPI ( 30)

FIRST             Waiting for the day to begin  Tricia Lindsay

SECOND        The rehearsal                          Liz Gillham

THIRD            Seeing Double                         Chris Donohoe

HC                   Heading East                           Sue Gunnee

HC                   Let me think about it              Fin Simpson

HC                   Wave Power                           Jill Bewley

C                      Bakers Mill Lake                      Paul Jones

C                      Chrome Hub                           Gary Gleghorn

C                      Fishing or Asleep?                   Carol Thorne

C                      Fractured Olympic Rings        Val Thomas

C                      Ship Ahoy                                John Smith

C                      Infared reflection                    Bob Berry



FIRST             Kite on Alert                            Patrick Barker

SECOND        Contemplation                        Fin Simpson

THIRD           Punk Meeting                         Paul Norris

HC                   Evening spotlight                    Rob Gorthy

HC                   St Lukes Church                      Paul Jones

C                      Make mine a red stripe          Liz Gillham

C                      Musical Engineering               Mike Cheeseman

C                      No Sax Appeal                         Dave Cahill

C                      Pretty in Pink                          Vicki O’Keeffe

C                      Turning Left                            Katrina Ellor

C                      Tuscan Hills                             Sue Gunnee

C                      Twilight                                   John Crew


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