Full breakdown of results of Competition D 2018/19

Set Subject (Long exposure)


Commended – Vikki O’Keeffe, Ben Jarvis II

Highly Commended – David Wallis

Third Place – John Hankin

Second Place – Patrick Barker

First Place – Jamie Stenson


Commended – Martyn Smith, John Hankin

Highly Commended – Patrick Barker

Third Place – Colin Hoskins

Second Place – John Smith

First Place – Suzan Gunnee



Commended – John Smith, John Spreadbury

Highly Commended – Patrick Barker

Third Place – Paul Jones

Second Place – John Hankin

First Place – Carol Thorne


Commended – Peggy Howard, John Spreadbury, Ben Jarvis II, Gordon Hart

Highly Commended –

Third Place – David Wallis

Second Place – Martyn Smith

First Place – Colin Hoskins

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