Members who are submitting images for Club Competitions should use  the club  dropbox folder, and for the new season the link has been changed following Jill Bewley taking on the role of Comp Sec from Jamie Stenson.

Please note that images must be a .jpg 1600 x 1200px in sRGB colour space, and must be no older than 5* years ( * due to Covid for 2021/2 season only – this will be reviewed at the end of the season).

Naming convention for the images is as follows:

Membershipnumber-Competition-Setsubject-Imagetitle, ie 99-A-Water-Splashdown

For the full set of Club Competition rules and guidance please click link to go to Club Documents

The new Dropbox link is as follows:

If anyone has any difficulty submitting images please email Jill Bewley on

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