Cup Winners wp boxCompetition Results for the 2013-14 Season:

A full breakdown of the final competition results for the 2013-14 season.

General Competitions:

Set Subject Prints –Aggregate points for General Competition Set Subject Prints:

  1. Shaun Little
  2. Val Thomas
  3. Kevin Joynes-Creed

Open Prints – Aggregate points for General Competition Open Prints:

  1. John Hankin
  2. Shaun Little
  3. Marlene Finlayson

Set Subject Projected Images – Aggregate points for General Competition Set Subject Projected Images:

  1. Syd Mathews
  2. Alan Barker
  3. Val Thomas

Open Projected Images – Aggregate points for General Competition Open Projected Images:

  1. Marlene Finlayson
  2. John Hankin
  3. Paul Jones

Annual Competition:

‘Pitchers Trophy’ – Set Subject Printed or Projected Image (Moonlight)

  1. Marlene Finlayson (Night Owl)
  2. Shaun Little  (Moonlight silhouette)
  3. John Hankin (Moonrise at Fairford)

Open Projected Image:

  1. Marlene Finlayson (Times Up)
  2. John Hankin (Mycena Galericulata)
  3. John Spreadbury (Watch Parts)

Open Print:

  1. Marlene Finlayson (Out in the cold)
  2. Paul Jones (Pumice Pines)
  3. Brian Dinnage (A song just for you)

Black and White Print:

  1. Paul Jones (Lava Landscape)
  2. Shaun Little (Polperro Harbour)
  3. Marlene Finlayson (Cottoning on)

Humorous Print:

  1. Syd Mathews
  2. John Hankin


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