Battle Night v Swindon, Calne and Wantage

Join in online to watch the annual Battle between CCC and Swindon, Calne and Wantage Photography Clubs ! The selections have now been made and entered, so good luck Cirencester !

All you need is the Zoom meeting ID once you have opened Zoom on your PC or tablet – 976 628 3490, and the password if requested is SPS . Alternatively, copy and paste this link into your browser – , then use the password SPS (making sure you use uppercase).

If you have any difficulties with this please get in touch with either John Smith or Jill Bewley ( Phone numbers are on CCC WhatsApp chat group)

Below please find the Swindon Photographic Society notes regarding Zoom etiquette for the evening –

“You can opt to join with or without video (of yourself so no jim-jams) – you can change this at any time by toggling the video option at the bottom of the window

Same for computer audio, but please mute yourself if not already muted.  To temporarily speak hold down the space bar but remember everyone will hear your words, telly, dog barking etc.

There is a Chat option at the bottom of the window, you can chat to everyone or to individuals in private.  The Chat icon will change colour when you have a message, click to read it.  Note Chat does not work to the host while the host screen is being shared, ie during a DVD.            

When a DVD is playing there will be a window of participants showing too, in the toolbar for this window are options to hide it, show active speaker, or show thumbnails.”


Sep 24 2020


The Zoom meeting will be open a few minutes before 7.30pm
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Remote Zoom Meeting
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