Cirencester College Visit

Following last season’s very successful visit we follow up with a second meeting in the college, again held in the ‘Foyer’ in the digital building (the one with with coloured LED strips to the right of new reception.)

This year we plan to hold an informal critique evening where an accredited photography judge will comment on a selection of images (prints and DPIs) put forward by members and the college students. Not a competition but an evening where the students can see how a judge assesses the elements of a ‘good’ image, and how involvement and feedback at camera clubs helps us produce ‘better’ photography.

Please note start time of 7pm.

Update: The first half of the evening will now be a judging event, with Peter Crane giving his views on a set of our previous competition images. The idea is to show the students how a camera club competition works, and how the judge’s comments help us take better photographs.

The second half will include a review of some of the current students’ work.


Mar 18 2024


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Cirencester College
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