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Author of 17 books, Tony Worobiec studied fine art at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne and spent 18 years as head of a large design faculty in Dorset. He has won awards for photography in the UK and internationally, and has had work exhibited in London’s Barbican Gallery, Bradford’s National Museum of Photography, The Menier Gallery London and The Fox Talbot Museum Lacock. He is a founder member of the prestigious Arena Group of Photographers. Dozens of his photographs have been used for book or album covers.

His work has appeared in more than a 100 photographic magazines both here in the UK and in America. He has been invited to write extended articles for well respected photographic magazines such as Black & White Photography, Practical Photography, Total Digital Photography, Digital Photo, Digital Camera, Photo Plus and Photo Techniques USA. Several of his articles have also been published in the German magazine, Canon Foto.

A passionate traveller, Tony (together with his wife Eva,) has made frequent visits to the USA, documenting the depopulating areas of western Nebraska, North and South Dakota and south-eastern Montana. The culmination of this work has been the much-celebrated book “Ghosts in the Wilderness; Abandoned America” (published by AAPPL). This was favourably reviewed in numerous national newspapers including The Independent, The Guardian and The Washington Post. As a follow up book, “Fragments of The American Dream” was published 2015, which reinvestigates the same area to see if many changes have occurred. Another personal project involved scouring the old American highways in search of the dwindling glamour of many of the independent diners, motels, hotels, and theaters that continue to survive. This work is an attempt to celebrate these iconic beacons which epitomize the American dream and to ensure that they do not become a fading memory. This project was also published by AAPPL and is titled “Icons of the Highway”. Work from this project also appears on both The BBC and The Guardian websites. His most recent book, “The Water’s Edge” which was co-written with his wife Eva, is a celebration of the wonderful British coast, an aspect of landscape both photographers have greatly enjoyed over many decades.

A Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, Tony is a fine art photographer with work in the permanent collection of The RPS, The Fox Talbot Museum and in numerous corporate and private collections here in the UK, in Europe, Japan and in The States.

Further publications include;

“Rhythms of the Land” (Creative Monochrome),
“Toning and Hand colouring Photographs” (Collins& Brown),
“Beyond Monochrome”(Fountain Press)
”Photo Art” (Collin& Brown/Chrysalis),
“Digital Photo Artist” (Collins & Brown/Chrysalis,)
“Black and White Photography in the Digital Era”, David and Charles.
“The Complete Digital Guide to Night and Low Light Photography”,David & Charles
“The Digital SLR Expert; Landscape” David & Charles.
“The Landscape Photographers Bible” David & Charles.
“Creative Photography Ideas Using Adobe Photoshop” David & Charles
“The Coast; a Celebration of the English Coast” Arena Publications.
“The Complete Guide to Photographic Composition” David & Charles.
“Abandoned On The Plains; Fragments Of The American Dream”. RHE Media
“Photographing Landscape Whatever The weather”. RHE Media
“The Water’s Edge”. In conjunction with RHE Media



Oct 12 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Remote Zoom Meeting


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