Photography talk by Michelle Whitmore

Award winning photographer Michelle Whitmore ARPS  will be giving not one but two talks this evening, the details of which are below ….

Part 1: Macro on a Budget

Macro on a budget will reveal how you can produce fantastic images in your home using nothing more than your kitchen table, a standard kit lens and some very basic, cheap lighting.

I will show you several diverse lighting set-up ideas to create a wide variety of environments and effects that you will be able to take away with you and re-create at your leisure. Each of the lighting ideas will suit all budgets, even those on the tightest of budgets as all lights are under £50, and all spaces – no big, expensive flash units involved, I promise!

I will also show you how you can capture some superb macro images using the standard kit lens when it’s combined with a selection of alternatives such as Raynox lenses, extension tubes or close-up filters.

We also look at simple backdrops and how to create your own.

Part 2: A Year in the Suburban Jungle

A photographic journey of a typical year in a normal suburban garden; encompassing different flora and fauna commonly found in many UK gardens.

I’ll discuss photographing the flora and fauna, the equipment used, methods of encouraging wildlife, photographing plants and foliage as well as flowers, and making the most of small spaces.

We will a look at the secrets to successful garden wildlife photography and in particular:

•    The types of plants needed to encourage wildlife in to a garden

•    The importance of food and water

•    The need to create a variety of habitats

I’ll also look at how the seasons and the weather shape the garden ecosystem, how the seasons blend into one another, and the different life cycles of the inhabitants and what that means for the photographer. 


Meeting ID: 696 666 7182
Passcode: ISO1611


Jan 25 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Remote Zoom Meeting


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