Gordon Hart_November_PortraitHope you all enjoyed last nights whistle stop tour of Levitation and Multiplicity Photography.

Hit ‘Continue Reading’ and have a look below for a fairly simple tutorial that shows you how to use the layer mask option in Photoshop to blend your images together.

It’s quite a good video as it mixes both the levitation and multiplicity concepts into one image although it is quite a fast paced run through of the editing process so you may need to watch it a couple of times to get it fully…

It also shows the potential issue of having the camera at a very low angle for levitation as there is a section of the subjects leg/bum that would need to be reconstructed with the clone tool after the chair has been fully removed (which isn’t highlighted in the video itself).

The masking process used in the video is slightly different to the one I used last night but that’s the beauty of Photoshop – the ability to perform the same task in a multitude of different ways. Either way you chose – the principle of the idea is the same.

Have a watch, get your cameras out and have some fun with multiple floating subjects…


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