A reminder about the rules for the members’ Panel Challenge, in case you have not yet decided to take part. The aim of this challenge is to encourage as many members to take part, to have some fun setting out a panel, and to print some of your images for other members to enjoy!

The rules are as follows;


  1. This challenge is open to all current CCC members.
  2. You are required to produce a panel of prints, on a theme of your choice, showing a variety of the following characteristics where possible:
  • Colour
  • Contrast
  • Perspective
  • Texture
  • Viewpoint
  1. Creativity, thought and variation are encouraged, and close repetition should be avoided where possible, with the complete panel showing a balanced view of your chosen theme. Humour and light heartedness can be shown.
  2. Images can be in colour or black and white or monochrome.
  3. Presentation of the prints on the panel will be taken into consideration in the final assessment.
  4. Images do not have to have been taken within this season.
  5. The images must be your own work.
  6. Your panel must be clearly labelled on the reverse side with membership number and the subject title. Your panel should also have the theme title on the front.
  7. You should aim to produce between 7 — 10 images on your chosen subject for assessment on 25th April 2022.
  8. Images should be no more than 7″ x 5″ (un-mounted), and one of your images may be enlarged to 10″ x 8″ (un-mounted). Images can be placed in small mounts if desired.
  9. You should mount your images on a board no larger than A1 in size. This is 841 mm x 594mm.
  10. All entries will be assessed by club members and a fabulous glittering ( or similar!) trophy will be presented to the winner at the Awards Evening.

Good luck.

If you have any questions about the challenge, please drop Jill Bewley ( Competition Secretary) an email  on competitions@cirencestercameraclub.org


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