We have received an email from Kingham Corteges inviting members to attend their open gardens event. Please let David know if you are likely to go as if there is a large amount of interest then we could organise a group outing and notify Kingham Cottages that we will be coming along.

The email in full is below…

I am writing to you let you know about a wonderful opportunity for photographers interested in gardens and sculpture…indeed all things related to colour and form! 

Open for one week only, Kingham Lodge’s 4th biennial sculpture show is open from 5-13th May, giving the public the chance to see a new Moorish Pavilion inspired by the beauty of Grenada’s Alhambra. Anyone who has been watching Monty Don’s glorious series on Paradise Gardens will be very interested in this!  With towers, courtyard and more, it stands in the centre of the garden with colonnades and lions hand carved in India and Africa, all assembled by local stone masons building with local stone.

A piece of sculpture in its own right, the pavilion stands proud in the centre of a fabulous five acre sculpture exhibition for Oxfordshire Artweeks during which over 30 local and 40 Zimbabwean artists as well as 14 schools will exhibit hundreds of pieces of sculpture (from £10-20,000). 

The Garden

Planted over the past two decades, unusually for the Cotswolds, situated on sand over gravel allowing ericaceous plants not normally seen in the Cotswolds to grow here.  The year starts with aconites then thousands of snowdrops giving way to anemones, and specie tulips and then daffodils, tulips, erythroniums and many other later bulbs and irises. From January to July a rhododendron is in bloom somewhere with big displays in May, including the laburnum arch along with the azaleas.  Highlights include a formal 150 metre border, backed with trellis, shaded walk ways with multi-layered planting, an informal quarry pond and formal mirror pond, a massive pergola and parterre and the unique Islamic garden.  


This is a free event open to the public but I am particularly writing to you knowing how much photographic societies have enjoyed attending the event in the past.  I would be grateful if you would publicise this event to your members who are very welcome to attend individually or as a group.  If you would like to attend as a large group feel free to let us know so we can ensure we have baked sufficient cakes for you all in our pop-up cafe!


Marina Colville


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