Cirencester CC entered the annual Western Counties Photographic Federation which consists of 48 clubs in the South West. Every club submits 18 Digital images and prints if they so wish – these are all then judged by a panel of three judges who award each image a maximum of 5 points. 

The results are as follows, as written by our Battle Secretary Paul Norris – thank you Paul and the selection committee for all their work in choosing the images.

We came 36th out of 48 entries for the DPIC comp. All the details about the DPIC competition, (as well as the Print Comp which we didn’t enter) are attached at the end of this bulletin. It’s worth noting that the scores in these comps are always very close, a few points making all the difference.

To illustrate these another 10 points across our 18 submitted images would have placed us 16th. However, the ‘usual suspects’ clubs normally do pretty well. Local rivals Stroud did extremely well with 200 points, putting them in 5th place and Tetbury also did well with 190 points, coming in 16th.

Dorchester emerged as winners of the DPIC with a score of 217, followed closely by Bristol in second place with 212. Penwith were initially awarded Best Small Club with a score of 190, but quickly and generously advised us that they are no longer a small club. After a short discussion, and a VAR decision, the Best Small Club was Awarded to Wincanton also on 190.

Congratulations to the top scorers Fin Simpson for Pretty Flamingo ( 12) and Jill Bewley for Catching the Light (12)



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